Life Meet Style

madeline-61InBloom was founded in 2009 by Madeline, as a blog to bring her signature style & ideas about life, motherhood, food & fashion to her friends & followers. From a blog it grew into a small business offering women specialized wardrobe & shopping services with a few of her favorite items available to purchase. True to its name, it bloomed into a popular boutique studio in Pretoria where women of all ages fall in love with the collection of carefully curated items to add to their wardrobes and homes.

Madeline enjoys to be surrounded by kindness & beauty : beautiful people, beautiful places, beautiful food & beautiful spaces. Life Meet Style was born as the slogan of the company as InBloom moved into a new season when they moved into the current space in the lovely 13th Street in Menlo Park, Pretoria, in August 2015.

Really living up to the vision & idea of being a one-of-a-kind style studio, InBloom is not only a boutique, but a space where women feel welcome & inspired, they can relax, socialize and shop! The product offering is inspired by YOU and consists of women’s apparel & accessories, intimates, home furniture & decor, beauty & gifts. We offer a range of men’s gifts too.

The InBloom customer is the woman who seeks to be confident in her own, unique style. She is adventurous about what she chooses to wear, and is driven by what suits her body & life, rather than following trends blindly. InBloom is committed to service excellence and to give their customers the most flattering, stylish & high quality products Madeline can get her hands on, of both local & international origin.