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We offer this service either as an extention of your wardrobe planning process or as a service completely on its own.

As part of your wardrobe planning process the purchase of new items to fill your wardrobe gaps are our main focus & we shop for items that work well with what is currently in your wardrobe, creating new lovely pairings.

We want to make shopping easy for you, so we do all we can to take the stress out of it. Shopping with you, shopping for you, dressing room or at home fittings, running returns, you choose what you need. We work with any type of client, of any age.

R880 per hour if accompanied by the client
R980 per hour if unaccompanied

A brief meeting will establish a complete understanding of your wardrobe needs, your lifestyle, your budget and your general preferences with regard to clothing and where you prefer to shop. In the shops you will receive expert advice on styles, colours & outfit combinations.

If unaccompanied by the client, your garments can be picked up from our premises, or we could lay it out on your bed for you. If you choose not to keep something or need a bigger/ smaller size, we will collect the items from you.

Please note:

  • Personal Shopping Sessions are booked for and paid in advance.
  • The minimum amount to spend on a shopping trip is R3000.
  • Travel charged extra for shopping destinations further than 30km away.
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