The exercise starts with us coming to your home to identify the items that you already own that fit you well. (You can do this yourself if you prefer). Many clients have pieces that they have forgotten about and our goal is to identify them and help you maximize your current wardrobe. Together we’ll create new outfits from what you already own to maximize your current wardrobe.

The items get sorted into piles:

– Keep
– Get Edited (see our garment edit services)
– Retire to goodwill (donate to #womeninbloom)

Upon request we can organize your closet according to the methods we live by. We place every item in the most efficient & accessible position allowing you to easily identify & combine garments. Attention is also given to accessories & shoes. You’ll feel confident about how to dress for your lifestyle.

Once all your existing pieces are examined we establish a focussed wardrobe ‘skeleton’ – these are the items that form the base of any good wardrobe – and we develop your wardrobe plan according to what you already own and what you will need in the months to come.

The purpose is to bridge the gaps in your wardrobe by creating a shopping list specifically for you. Once you are ready to purchase new items, you can either get us to accompany you on a personal shopping spree of head to the shops by yourself.

Typical wardrobe consultations take between 2 – 5 hours, depending in the size & condition of your wardrobe and what you need done.

2 – 2.5 hours is the minimum session time.

R 780 per hour

  • We conduct a thorough style evaluation through completing an in-depth questionnaire
  • We put together a style report for you with information about your body type, what to wear and what to avoid
  • We create a plan and a shopping list to help you reach your wardrobe goals
  • We sort out your wardrobe to make it manageable for you
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